How not to die audiobook pdf

How not to die audiobook pdf
How Not to Die- Surprising Lessons on Living Longer, Safer, and Healthier[Team Nanban]tmrg.[MOBI] Torrent Related How Not to Die- Surprising Lessons on Living Longer, Safer, and Healthier[Team Nanban]tmrg MOBI 7.00M torrent
How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease (2015) is a whole-food, plant-based, fairly low-fat diet. Eat unprocessed plant foods – beans/legumes, berries, other fruits, cruciferous vegetables, greens, other veggies, flaxseeds, nuts, turmeric, whole grains.
14/10/2012 · I always understood that PDF readers were more or less equal, but that is obviously not the case. In fact far from it! In fact far from it! I wanted my PDF embedded audio to be able to play on Apple mobile devices.
To listen to the audio, simply click the article you’d like to hear. Click the “Commentary” link next to the article to hear my analysis of it and its origin story. And right click the small button to the right of the article to download and save the audio.
Free Audiobook: How Not to Die By Michael Greger, MD , Gene Stone June 2, 2018 How Not to Die reveals the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease-related death. The vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. In How Not to Die, Dr. Michael Greger, the
10/03/2012 · Audio attached to pdf file does not play on iPad reader robvh Mar 9, 2012 2:17 PM I’ve got pieces of sheetmusic with mp3 files attached to it in the pdf file (Multi media –>Sound tool).
How Not to Die Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease (Downloadable Audiobook) : Gregor, Michael : From the physician behind the wildly popular website, How Not to Die reveals the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease
Audiobook The How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease Pdf online 1. Audiobook The How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease Pdf online
2000 Service Manual Pdf Free Download How Not To Die Audiobook How Not To Die Audio Cd Michael Greger How Not To Die 2011 Audi A4 Throttle Body Manual Teacher Sign Out Sheet Chevy Cruze Manual Transmission Problemshow Not To Die Audiobook How Not To Die Audio Cd Michael Greger How Not To Die Netherlands Yearbook Of International Law 2016 The Changing Nature Of …

Listen to “How Not to Die Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease” by Gene Stone available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Michael Greger M.D.. Start a free 30-day trial today and get your first audiobook free. From the physician behind the wildly popular website Nutri…
27/12/2018 · Download or read How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease by click link below Download or read How Not to Die…
7/12/2015 · Book trailer for How Not to Die, published December 8, 2015 (all my proceeds donated to the 501c3 nonprofit, Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter at https
God does not want you to be sick. Health and healing continue to be areas of great need for people everywhere. People across the globe have been healed through modern medicene, doctors and surgery, yet thousands still suffer with incurable diseases to the point of death.
15/12/2018 · It may not be worded like one but the second you tell yourself you want something, you are setting yourself a goal, one that you have a responsibility to try to achieve. It is a promise you’ve

How Not to Die (Audiobook CD) Johnson County Library

How Not to Die- Surprising Lessons on Living Longer Safer

How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease. The readers can download How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.
In How Not to Die, Dr. G acts as a medical detective to identify the often-unintentional ways we harm our bodies, then shows us how to use that information to live better and smarter. She provides startling tips on how to make wise choices so that we don’t have …
27/11/2016 · LAM TV 7.79 Daytime TV Examiner Interview — Rachel Reynolds and James O’Halloran of The Price Is Right

audio files directly from into iTunes. This will allow you to use a single piece of This will allow you to use a single piece of software to manage all the audio on your iPod.
Not a Good Day to Die audiobook, by Sean Naylor… At dawn on March 2, 2002, America’s first major battle of the twenty-first century began. Over two hundred soldiers of the 101st Airborne and Tenth Mountain Division flew into Afghanistan’s Shah-i-Kot valley—and into the mouth of a buzz saw. They were about to pay a bloody price for
The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future
How Not to Die audiobook, by Michael Greger, M.D…. From the physician behind the wildly popular website, How Not to Die reveals the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease-related death.The vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through
Note: This is a book summary and not the full version of How Not To Die by Michael Greger, MD. Original book description: In How Not to Die, Dr. Michael Greger, the internationally-renowned nutrition expert, physician, and founder of, examines the 15 top causes of premature death in America – heart disease, various cancers
Every recipe in The How Not to Die Cookbook offers a delectable, easy-to-prepare, plant-based dish to help anyone eat their way to better health. Rooted in the latest nutrition science, these easy-to-follow, stunningly photographed recipes will appeal to anyone looking to live a longer, healthier life.

How Not to Die Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease (Audiobook CD) : Greger, Michael : From the founder of, a vital, empowering guide to the foods proven to help prevent the fifteen leading causes of disease related death.”The vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple
When I announced How Not to Die. was available for preorder last month we got a surprising number of people asking about the audiobook version. I asked the publisher, and they said they were planning on hiring an actor to record it.
Click Download next to the audiobook you want to download to your computer. Audible Download Manager will open automatically and display the download progress of the audiobook. After downloading your audiobook, it will be playable in the player you chose to import the file to.
How Not to Die Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease (Audiobook CD) : Greger, Michael : From the founder of, a vital, empowering guide to the foods proven to help prevent the fifteen leading causes of disease related death.
[pdf]book all audio german compact disc program abridged (pdf, epub – This pdf ebook is one of digital edition of All Audio German Compact Disc . another day brilliance audio on compact disc free die …
Great, but need PDF with exhibits In How Not to Die, Dr. Michael Greger, the internationally renowned nutrition expert, physician, and founder of Nutrition Facts, examines the 15 top causes of premature death in America – heart disease, various cancers, diabetes, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, and more – and explains how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can sometimes trump
From the physician behind the wildly popular Nutrition Facts website, How Not to Die reveals the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can help prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease-related death.
“How Not To Die Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease is circulated on 2016-02-11 with identity number: 2w4fCgAAQBAJ.
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Get this from a library! How not to die : discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease. [Michael Greger; Gene Stone] — From the founder of, a vital, empowering guide to the foods proven to help prevent the fifteen leading causes of disease related death.

How to Live and Not Die Experience God’s Miracle Power in

An interesting book on how to improve your longevity through diet, but the author cites a lot of studies that aren’t conclusive. Also, I didn’t care for the reader due to his stilted reading style.

Dr G How Not To Die

PDF Book How Not To Die Audiobook How Not To Die Audio Cd

How Not to Die Audiobook by Gene Stone 9781427268112

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How Not to Die audiobook by Gene Stone Rakuten Kobo

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I’m going to be recording the How Not to Die audiobook

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How Not to Die Audiobook Listen Instantly!

How to build a jquery mobile application pdf

How to build a jquery mobile application pdf
jQuery Mobile is a cross platform mobile framework designed to simplify and enhance the development of mobile web applications by integrating HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and jQuery UI into one framework that is not only robust, but maintainable and organized.
In Mobile application all mobile page can include navigation bar within header… more jQuery Mobile Icon Example jQuery Mobile comes with a variety of icons. It provides the set of icons and stylish button. All icons and button icons are created by CSS3. Icons are more stylish and browser supported…
Book Description: You need to build an app, and you need it to run everywhere. And you need it now! jQuery Mobile gives you the ability to write once and run everywhere using jQuery and jQuery UI.
jQuery Mobile provides a set of touch-friendly UI widgets and an Ajax-powered navigation system to support animated page transitions. This guide will show you how you can build your first jQuery Mobile application.
This is the first part of a series of articles about how to create a mobile app using jQuery Mobile. As in my Sencha Touch tutorials, what we will do in this series is create a mobile web
PhoneGap Build to develop mobile apps in the cloud PhoneGap with Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile Back end databases to store and retrieve information The text starts with simpler applications and gradually moves toward describing advanced concepts and how to exploit different application programming interfaces and methods. By the time you finish the book, you will learn how to develop …
I have a desktop/mobile web app that needs to display a pdf stream on the target device. I now have this working on the desktop using the jquery dialog. For mobile tho…my html View page has the I now have this working on the desktop using the jquery dialog.

In this three part tutorial series, our main goal is to describe how jQuery Mobile can be used to develop a native Android application. First, we will develop a stand-alone, sample web application that will browse articles from Yahoo!
web design and application development firm Studio Sedition ( Creating the jQuery Mobile Theme.. 231 Adding Blog Posts and
I need a New Freelancer/ Mobile App Developer for a project. I need a serious and hard working person at LOW budget. We want to build a mobile app platform for selling somethings. we need the developers to design and develop the app until we launch the project.
Download or Read Book Create HTML5, JQuery, and CSS3-based hybrid applications and deploy them on multiple mobile devices, including on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Develop jQuery Mobile Apps for all Devices With a Single Code jQuery Mobile Apps – Build a single application that will work on all popular smartphone & tablet platforms. Todays’ deal gets you a complete guide on mobile app designing using jQuery Mobile for …
It is one of the top JavaScript frameworks for mobile to build an application or mobile friendly website. jQuery Mobile supports a number of user interfaces that are compatible with modern platforms such as Android, iOS and to the earliest of platforms such as Opera Mini and Nokia Symbian.
For the test purpose, we will create a small hybrid Android jQuery Mobile application from the perspective of Windows OS and Eclipse IDE. If readers show enough interest I will also create a iOS / MacOS combination ( EDIT : After several requests I have created article related to …
I wrote How to Build a jQuery Mobile Application to help you learn how to create apps with jQuery Mobile. The book will guide you, step by step, through the process of building a jQuery Mobile application. If you like to learn by doing, this is a book for you. Besides helping you learn jQuery Mobile in a short time, the book will give you comprehensive advice that you can use when …
Table of Contents Introduction Prepare account at Register Create Android keystore Prepare jQuery Mobile app Create a jQuery Mobile app Structure your app for PhoneGap -… css Audio – Active

jQuery Mobile Cookbook

jQuery Mobile Up and Running pdf – Free IT eBooks Download

jQuery Mobile is a mobile-centric web framework developed by the jQuery team. The project focuses on building a framework compatible with the ever-increasing variety of smartphones and tablet computers on the market. The jQuery Mobile framework plays well with other frameworks and platforms, such as PhoneGap and Backbone.
build mobile apps in whatever language you wish, like Java, PHP, Python, etc… Conclusion Mobile computing is the future of business. Smartphone and tablet sales are on the rise and businesses are finally jumping on board. However, choosing the right path is a challenging task for business just stepping out into mobile territory. If you wish to create mobile apps for your business, you have
Book Description: Would you like to build one mobile web application that works on iPad and Kindle Fire as well as iPhone and Android smartphones?
Hi john, excellent blog..this blog helped me in building a mobile handheld application. I have developed a BSP mobile app with mobile jQuery, this App runs fine in the ECC 6.0 release 731, but it returns blank page under ECC 6.0 release 701.

5/06/2018 · Following on from the last app video where we made a free cross-platform app in only 10 minutes, in this lesson we download and configure jQuery Mobile, a …
Ready for more jQuery Mobile and Jasmine? This is the second part of my tutorial on how to create a mobile web app using jQuery Mobile. In this tutorial we’re building a mobile web application
A Look Ahead… • Native Apps versus Browser Apps • jQuery Mobile – how it works • Hands-on, building your first app • Tips and trends about mobile

Luckily with jQuery Mobile, this is fairly easy to do. The package already comes with several themes built in and allows you to create a page using basic components which is great for building a mobile user interface quickly. Our chat room page will have a list of messages, a send button, and a text box to type in. The code to set this up looks like this:
Develop hybrid mobile applications using IBM Rational Application Developer with jQuery Mobile widgets. Learn how to build hybrid mobile applications with Apache Cordova and jQuery mobile widgets using IBM Rational Application Developer v9.1
to create native applications for multiple mobile platforms. Long-time developer and author Kris hadlock applies his real- world, practical experience in this complete introduction to creating working mobile sites using the jQuery mobile frame-work. Kris teaches you step by step how to write the code to cre-ate mobile websites. Covering the latest version of the jQuery mobile framework, this

jQuery Mobile Up and Running free PDF DOC FB2 FB3

This means that we need to create a tap handler for the button before the jQuery Mobile page is shown to the user. jQuery Mobile provides hooks into the events in the lifecycle of a jQuery Mobile
Download web apps mit jquery mobile or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to get web apps mit jquery mobile book now. All books are in … mvc has “Mobile Application” template which can be use to develop only mobile based Web Application. If we want to develop site for ( desktop and mobile ) then we are going develop desktop edition first after that we will modify site to work for mobile also by using “ Install-package jQuery.Mobile.MVC ”.

jQuery Mobile Basics How to Build Mobile Web Apps Easily

jQuery Mobile is a HTML5-based user interface system designed to make responsive web sites and apps that are accessible on all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. In this course Jeff Batt will take you through the basics of building jQuery Mobile Apps from basic mobile page to using touch events.
Build great apps powered by open web standards. Cut down on development time by re-using your existing web dev skills, frameworks and tools. Get all the benefits of cross-platform development while building apps just the way you like.
In this workshop, you’ll learn to build a simple weather app called GOOD Weather using jQuery Mobile. Find out the strengths of jQuery Mobile and how to use some of its components. Learn about data roles, themes and page layout.
Build a Contacts Application With jQuery Mobile & the Android SDK: Part 1. by Konur Unyelioglu 15 Apr 2011. For this purpose, we will introduce a model for representing UI screens in a native Android application using jQuery Mobile page elements, in particular, container and content pages. Although the tutorial code is developed for contacts management, the basic concepts of the model are
Building iPhone Android Apps with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Slides JANUARY 12, 2011 I gave a presentation to my local ColdFusion users group in December on Building Mobile Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android devices using jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap.
In this series of posts, I’m going to discuss how to build a jQuery Mobile HTML5 App that talks to Drupal 7 using AJAX, REST and JSON. I’m going to use the PhoneGap project to create an iPhone application out of the jQuery Mobile app that you can install onto your iPhone.

Use jQuery Mobile MVC to Build Mobile Based Application in

Build a mobile app platform for selling somethings

jquery Mobile was launched just a month or so ago, and is designed to make it as easy to build JavaScript-enabled web applications for mobile phones as for the desktop browser. Still in Alpha, the library has a way to go, but it already offers a rather interesting experience when used as part of a
jQuery / Prototype Browse Top jQuery Developers Hire a jQuery Developer However, I don’t have enough knowledge in building mobile app. To give u an idea of what I want you to build is this: [url removed, login to view] I want you to use the same scripts but with small changes. I want my app to be available on Android and Iphone but website version of my app should also be available. Please
Brief introduction: Would you like to build one mobile web application that works on iPad and Kindle Fire as well as iPhone and Android smartphones?
jQuery Mobile: Up and Running Book Description: Would you like to build one mobile web application that works on iPad and Kindle Fire as well as iPhone and Android smartphones?

Pro jQuery Mobile pdf – Free IT eBooks Download

Lesson Create a mobile app with jQuery Mobile and

“Sams Teach Yourself jQuery Mobile in 24 Hours by Phil Dutson is full of rock-solid real-world examples that can be easily built upon to create a functional, rich, custom, completely usable mobile website. The book reads incredibly easy; you find that the learning comes almost effortlessly as you read and work through the tutorials. In addition to learning the elements you need to build your
24/07/2017 · Apps built on JQuery can be deployed and published on multiple Operating systems and are compatible with numerous platforms. In this course, you will learn how to build mobile movies app in jQuery
11/07/2014 · Follow along as Jonathan builds a web app that runs on a huge range of browsers using jQuery Mobile, and then packages it for distribution on app store distribution with PhoneGap Build…
Mobile Web Application Developer, a JavaScript Developer, and a blogger. He likes reading, practicing, and blogging new things in the Mobile Web and JavaScript space. If you would like to reach him, send him an e-mail to
jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized JavaScript framework. Using this framework, we can create mobile web applications using standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which will function and behave consistently across multiple devices of different form factors. The book starts with
Building Mobile Applications Creating iOS applications with jQuery evolving quickly – in this book, I’m going to discuss jQuery Mobile, but much of what I talk about applies to the others as well. Combining HTML5 and native application development, you get into Hybrid applications. The Facebook mobile application is a great example of this – you can download the Facebook app from the

How to Build a JavaScript Simple Chat App with No Backend

jQuery Mobile Up and Running PDF eBook Free Download

how to use jquery mobile mvc 4 to download and

jQuery Mobile + Phonegap Build How to make a slick app

Building iPhone Android Apps With jQuery Mobile Scribd

Building a Mobile App with Phonegap and jQuery Mobile 1.4.5

How to compress word doc before pdf

How to compress word doc before pdf
#Method 3: Compress PDF file size with “Reduced Size PDF” option in Acrobat. This is another way of reducing the file size of the PDF file i.e. Reduced Size PDF. let’s see how to reduce the size of the pdf file using this option.
My word document was 35 MB and didn’t have much and i would assume this had been caused by the copy and past of graphs that i had done which the compress picture function doesn’t apply. I saved my document in PDF format and it came to 1.5MB from just that process.
1: Batch Word Shrink Compactor; Batch Word Shrink Compactor is a Word Doc Compact, Word Doc Compress Shrinker that can shrink/reduce Word document size easily.
NXPowerLite – Compress MS Office, PDF and JPEG Files Posted on April 21, 2016 Author Trisha Leave a comment If you plan to distribute the files created using Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF documents or the JPEG files, then perhaps you would want to reduce their size before …
28/07/2015 · Quick Tip Tuesday Step-by-step how-to tutorial instructions on how to compress an image, picture, logo, graphic, jpeg, png, bmp type file in Word to reduce the file size.
If you don’t want to or can’t install the Remove Hidden Data Add-in suggested by tjrobinson you can just select the entire document and paste it into a new Word doc…
This helps you to make you any word document portable. Doc to PDF: Make your .doc files portable by converting them to PDF. More converters Doc 2 JPG PDF 2 Word Compress PDF Epub to PDF Compress JPG PDF to Image. More converters Doc 2 JPG PDF 2 Word Compress PDF Epub to PDF Compress JPG PDF to Image.doc to PDF Click to choose a file or drag it here. Upload. Uploading…

FILEminimizer Office compresses Word files,PowerPoint and Excel files and reduces the file size by up to 98% using an intelligent office word file compression software technique which compresses pictures and embedded objects while still preserving the original file format and quality.
HTML to Word Compress PDF. Word to PDF. PDF to PPT. PDF to excel . PDF to Text. To explain you the technical aspect of this faster version let me tell you that you will notice the total page site will consist of more than 80% of total KB. To facilitate in speeding up the loading time is by compressing the image which will save 70-80% of the size and will help loading the image faster. It is a
It is better to electronically sign your document using a /s/ followed by the attorneys name on the signature line, then simply convert your document to PDF. Documents converted to PDF from a word processor will always result in a very small file size.
Compress Pictures in Your Office Document The first step you should take in trying to reduce the file size of a document with pictures is to compress those …
Check Watermark PDF Image if you want your PDF to have a watermark also before being added to the Zip file attachment. When the options are set as desired, click OK . WinZip Courier will create a new e-mail message using Outlook, zip the current document, and attach the Zip file to the e-mail.
Free document compression will compress document files up to 99% and delete unneeded files. The following documents are supported by the document compression software: Word Documents (*.doc) Adobe PDF (*.pdf) Internet Documents (*.html) Text Documents (*.txt) and also some other formats like Postscript, Help files and so on. The most important criteria for any document compression …

How to Compress a PDF Online for Free BlogSaays

Compress Word Document Free Download Compress Word

Double-click your Microsoft Word document to open it in Microsoft Word. Open the “Page Layout” tab by clicking it in the ribbon. Open the “Page Layout” tab by clicking it in the ribbon. 2.
Batch Word Shrink Compactor is a Word Doc Compact, Word Doc Compress Shrinker that can shrink/reduce Word document size easily. Batch Word Shrink Compactor supports powerful search for a …
Documents created by word processors such as Microsoft Word are notorious for wasting space on your computer or handheld device. It takes just seconds to compress, stuff, or zip them. It takes just seconds to compress, stuff, or zip them.
To compress graphics in Word 2013, click on one of the images in your document. The Picture Tools menu will appear on the Ribbon. Click on “Format,” choose “Compress Pictures” and then click “E-mail” to be the target output. Note that if you deselect “Apply only to this picture,” Word will compress all the graphics in your document — a good way to save time by doing everything at once
Probably one of the most common ways to edit or save any text file is DOC file, which is mainly created on Microsoft Word application. DOC or DOCX files are usually of small size but, at times their size get quite big and need for tool arises which can compress large DOCX files.
This means that after compression, the picture can look different than before it was compressed. Word. Do any of the following: Compress all pictures. On the File menu, click Reduce File Size. If your document is saved in the older .doc file format, the Reduce File Size option will not be available on the File menu. To use the Reduce File Size option, save your document in the newer .docx file

7/04/2011 · This will add the Picture Tools > Format tab to the ribbon in Word 2007 and Word 2010 (Word 2003: Right-click on the picture, then select Format Picture > Picture tab). Click Compress Pictures (in the Adjust group).
Compress the file size of one or many Word documents. Some Word files do not reduce as well as others. Some Word files do not reduce as well as others. Similar choice
Navigate to a Word file you want to compress, either by selecting “Documents” in the Start menu to access “My Documents” or selecting another folder where the .doc file is stored. 2 Right-click the file.
The tool is easy to use and allows you to compress, merge, and split PDF, along with other conversion options like, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, PDF to JPG and JPG to PDF, add/remove a watermark and more.
So when I convert my word 2007(.docx) files to pdf they become huge. Like they got from 32kb to 320kb. So is there a way I can either get around craigslist limits or compress …

Before you’ve created the PDF file It might be too late this time – but did you know when creating a PDF file from a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document , there is an option to reduce the file size? Learn how to create a smaller PDF when using an Office program

Utility to Compress MS Word DOCX File

NXPowerLite Compress MS Office PDF and JPEG Files

Why You Should Compress Files Before Emailing Them

Free Document Compression CVISION Technologies

Compress Image/Picture in Word document to Reduce File

How To Compress A PDF

Download ms word compressor exe for free (Windows)

Send as Zip File (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) WinZip

How to Compress Word Files Excel PPT File Upto 98%

word compress Software Free Download word compress – Top

How to compress images within a Powerpoint slideshow or MS

How to find recent files pdf word excel etc

How to find recent files pdf word excel etc
Excel 2016 automatically keeps a running list of the last 25 files you opened in the Recent Workbooks list on the Open screen when the Recent Workbooks option is selected under Places. If you want, you can have Excel display more or fewer files in this list.
“I have lost a very important document from my USB drive; I was working on some Word files on my notebook a few days ago. I used to open Word documents directly from my USB and save them on itself without copying those Word files to my notebook.
After the text file is generated, you can import it into Excel by using the File – Open command. NOTE: If you need do this on a regular basis, you may be interested in this article from Microsoft , which describes how to create a batch file that lists file names in Notepad.
Windows has a number of ways of finding recently used files. However, it also has a unified folder tucked away where you can browse all of the files you’ve recently opened. To access it, press Win
How to Clear or Disable Recent Documents in Word/Excel 2016. When using Office 2016 to view or edit a Word/Excel/PowerPoint document, you will find it usually shows a list of recently accessed documents.
Within this section you’ll find tips and tricks that provide insight into exchanging documents, slides, charts, and data between your PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office programs.

Tips. Word and Excel used the DOC and XLS file extensions, respectively, by default from 1997 until 2004. From 2004 onward, Microsoft made DOCX and XLSX the default file extensions.
5/09/2016 · This article will guide you on how to disable or delete your recent document list in Microsoft Word or Excel. This will give you little security and safety from other users who may use your PC. They will not guess or know which files you were working on. …
Note that the contents of the Recent Items folder is different from the contents of the File Explorer entry “Recent Places”, which contains folders that have been visited rather than files. They often have quite different contents.
3/10/2012 · If you want to know how to extract data and text from multiple MS word documents, then this software is for you! (i.e., MS WORD 2000, 2007, etc). With this software, you can: Easily select a

Recovering word files from a USB drive [Solved] – Storage

Those Office 365 Recent Documents just ain’t what they

Recovering word files from a USB drive tallmantim Jul 29, 2013, 11:00 PM Hello all I have tried undelete tools (various) to recover files from a USB drive – to no avail.
SuperUser reader Mr. Boy wants to know how to get the “All Recent Files” list back in Windows 10: I can find the listings for recent items, but these only seem to let me see recent items opened by a particular app. For example, I can look at Microsoft Word’s icon and see the documents recently opened in it. I am unable to find a simple “these are the last ten documents/files opened
MS Excel is a popular spreadsheet application, which is commonly used for storing, organizing and managing data. You can prepare other business related documents like work report sheets, bank statement, sales and purchase statement, etc.
Scroll to the bottom of your “Recent Documents” (Office 2013 only), then click “Recover Unsaved Documents” if you are in Word, “Recover Unsaved Workbooks” if you are in Excel, or “Recover Unsaved Presentations” if you are in PowerPoint.

We do not host any torrent files or links of office Convert Word Excel to pdf Free on,, etc. All office Convert Word Excel to pdf Free download links are direct office Convert Word Excel to pdf Free full download from publisher site or their selected mirrors.
17/04/2018 · Transacted files allow Word to open a file, write to it, and have other programs–such as Microsoft Excel–write to it, but still retain the right to restore the file to the state it was in when Word …
Without resorting to purchasing third-party printing software, the steps outlined here represent the most effective options for successfully creating a digital record of all documents you have printed in recent …
31/08/2016 · Recover lost or deleted files. Content provided by Microsoft. Applies to: Windows 7. Select Product Version If you can’t find a file on your computer or you accidently modified or deleted a file, you can restore it from a backup (if you’re using Windows backup) or you can try to restore it from a previous version. Previous versions are copies of files and folders that Windows automatically

6/12/2012 · How to pin a file to the Recent Documents list in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access that is frequently used. December 6, 2012 by LPGraphics 1 Comment. By default, the Recent Documents list is generated automatically by Word based on the documents that you open. The list changes as you open different files. However, if you frequently open a specific document, you can …
This option will scan the entire drive to find lost or deleted files like Images, Videos, Dcouments including PPT, DOC, PDF, and Excel, etc. Tip : If you want to recover PowerPoint document from USB, SD card or external hard drive, please connect it to your Mac in advance.
One way to check is whether if you “open” in excel, it shows the file still in your recent documents. Another way is to save a blank excel (or other type) file with same exact name as missing one
By default, Word 2010 lists up to 25 recent documents, but you can change that value to list up to 50 documents. If this option is changed to zero, then the Recent Documents feature is disabled.
Convert Microsoft (Word, Excel etc) Documents To PDF and XPS – Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in. About this tutorial: Video duration: 1:48 Hey guys in this video I have shown you how to convert your Microsoft Documents like word documents, excel sheets and many more. Note: This add-in works only on Microsoft Office 2007. Following is the list of office programs with which the add-in …
Now this was for Word 2007, however, you can go to 11.0 for Word 2003, 10.0 for Word XP, etc depending on which version you have installed. Also, instead of going to Word, you can go to Excel, Powerpoint and do the same thing there. In this way, you can still keep your recent documents list, but remove only the entries you don’t want.
When installing Office 2013/Office 365 onto multiple machines, keep in mind that on any machines that previously had Office installed, their “recent items” from applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., will get slurped up into your “Recent Documents” display and merged. Particularly now that an Office 365 E3 plan includes 5 (yes FIVE!) copies of Office that can be installed at
So if you need to see recent files created or older files, or you need to archive certain files elsewhere, you can easily do so. The View tab provides options for sorting how files are displayed
Recent Folders & Items. If you want to quickly locate folders you recently opened, click Finder > Go > Recent Folders. Similarly, if you click on the Apple icon in the top-left of your desktop, you can select Recent Items in the drop-down menu.

Recover Word Deleted/Lost Word Documents from USB Drive

The following only applies to Access 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Word 2007. To keep or pin a file in the Recent Documents list, click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Pin this document to the Recent Documents list.
As we all know that Microsoft Office has an AutoRecovery feature that it will save the Excel file, Word document etc files into a temporary folder in Windows PC every a few minutes. The only thing that you need to do is to turn on the AutoSave feature in Office Excel or Word, PPT apps.
30/11/2016 · With Word and PowerPoint, a right click on the taskbar shows recent files and allows me to pin a file to the same window that appears on the taskbar with a right click. For Excel, the right click on the task bar shows 5 pinned files and no recent files.
Accessing Recent documents is very useful to view the recently opened files from a local computer or network location. Sometimes you would have opened and worked with a file but forgot the exact location of it later, by viewing the recent documents list you can easily find the particular important files no matter where it is saved.
Your Recent Documents list is found under the File menu located in the top menu of Word. Click Open in the left bar that appears. Select Recent, and to the right, you will see a list of your recent documents. Simply click the document you want to open it. If you haven’t worked with any documents yet, this area will be empty.
You then right-click and see a jumplist of recent documents, but this is application specific. All we want is an easily exposed method to see a menu list of recent documents that doesn’t require you to launch a shortcut to a folder of other shortcuts. Windows 7 had this, Windows 8 does not.

How to Restore Deleted/Lost MS Excel Files? Yodot

Click “Start” again and type “.xls” or “.xlsx” plus any keywords from your Excel file into the search box. Click “Show more results” on the results page and scroll down to find your Excel file. Click “Show more results” on the results page and scroll down to find your Excel file.
Let’s see how to view recently accessed files in Windows 10. It’s pretty simple to see the listing of recently accessed files automatically maintained by Windows 10. This ensures that you can quickly access most of the previously accessed documents without having to browse for them again and again.
2/05/2016 · I am looking for what we had in Windows Start Menu up to Windows 7. A small list of 10 or 15 recent documents. Not the immense list of every folder and document which Windows + R …

Customize the list of recently used files in Office apps

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Is there a Windows 8 equivalent of ‘Recent Items’/’My

How to Change Recent File Settings in Excel 2016 dummies

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How to Find Word & Excel Documents on Your Hard Drive

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Excel on Windows 10 taskbar does not show recent files

How to find a list of Recent Documents in Windows 10

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Human resource management in healthcare pdf

Human resource management in healthcare pdf
A refocus on human resources management in health care and more research are needed to develop new policies. Effective human resources management strategies are greatly needed to achieve better outcomes from and access to health care around the world.
Medical practices generally lack a focus on human resources, the value of which can easily be overlooked. Getting them to recognize the impact of a robust HR department can be a challenge.
Become familiar with the federal/provincial labour and employment legislation relevant to your sector, as well as the legislation regulating the various health professionals in your sector.
Employee benefits news and trends from The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
This practical, hands-on book introduces human resources to those who are preparing to work in any area of health care or health service. Written for practitioners and students in all disciplines related to health, the book covers important topics such as recruitment, training, termination, legal issues, labor unions, and much more.
Strengthening Human Resource Management to Improve Health Outcomes. 3. Box 1. Benefits of a Strong HRM System. To the Organization To the Employee

Qualified and motivated human resource (HR) is essential for a qualitative and robust health care delivery. Understanding the constraints and difficulties of health managers is essential for
In this lesson, we’ll discuss human resource management in hospitals and the roles it plays in healthcare organizations. These roles include those related to employee placement and supervision
protection and health and safety. Good human resource management can also reduce costs for an organization. For example, good recruitment policies and processes mean that organizations can efficiently recruit people who will carry out their jobs effectively. Good systems for performance management mean that organizations can ensure that they are getting the best from their staff. It …
right human resource mix in health to fulfill our health care delivery objectives. Chapter 7 of the National Health Act of 2003 gives a mandate to the Minister of Health, advised by the National Health Council to take concrete steps to develop and manage human resources in the national health
The human resource management challenge is to build on this common ground so different professions can work as a collaborative, effective health service delivery team. Health professionals do recognize collaborative (inter-professional) care as the new way going forward.
5 2 DEMOGRAPHY OF HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS 2.1 Human resources: a cornerstone in health care In an era of rising health expenditures in developed countries, the management of human
27/12/2018 · Download or read Human Resource Management In Health Care: Principles and Practice by click link below Download or read Human Resource Management In Health Care: Principles and …
BioMed Central Page 1 of 17 (page number not for citation purposes) Human Resources for Health Research Open Access The importance of human resource s management in health care: a
Since human resources is a business-driven function, effectiveness depends on a thorough understanding of the strategic corporate direction, as well as the ability to influence key policies and decisions. In addition, human resource management challenges must be defined and solutions determined in order to succeed. Today’s Top 10 Human Resource Management Challenges. Due …
51 / Human resources management and capacity development 51.3 United States have some difficulty filling pharmacist posi-tions (FIP 2009). The dynamics of entry and exit from the health …


Wiley Human Resources Management for Health Care

If you are looking for the ebook Healthcare Human Resource Management by Robert L. Mathis, Walter J. Flynn in pdf form, then you have come on to correct site.
human resources management for health care organizations Download human resources management for health care organizations or read online books in PDF…
health sector. One of its recommendations was to strengthen human resource management systems and practices. Human Resources guidelines will be one of
strategic human resource management in health care Download strategic human resource management in health care or read online here in PDF or EPUB.
American Journal of Information Management 2016; 1(2): 24-28 25 3. Role of HRM Because of the changing world, the role of the HRM must also change.
Officers (CEOs), Human Resource Managers, and other Senior Managers in all public hospitals and other community health service organizations in the State of Victoria, Australia. They used 42 practices covering the different areas of
Systemic Management of Human Resources for Health An Introduction for Health Managers Deployment Management and Support Planning and Strategic Decision-Making
The organisation has human resource management systems that are consistent with regulatory requirements, industrial relations legislation, work health and safety legislation and relevant agreements or awards. 6.2 The organisation has transparent and accountable recruitment and selection processes that ensure people working in the organisation possess the knowledge, skills and experience

1 Competency Gaps in Human Resource Management in the Health Sector An exploratory study of Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda September 2009
Various key success factors emerge that clearly affect health care practices and human resources management. This paper will reveal how human resources management is essential to any health care system and how it can improve health care models. Challenges in the health care systems in Canada, the United States of America and various developing countries are examined, with …

The Importance of Human Resources in Healthcare Aldrich

human resources management for health care organizations

Competency Gaps in Human Resource Management in the Health

Healthcare Human Resource Management By Robert L. Mathis

Health Human Resources Policy paper British Columbia

Human Resource Management in Health Care Google Books




(PDF) Human Resource Management in Primary Health Care

Humber of atoms in a molecule worksheet pdf

Humber of atoms in a molecule worksheet pdf
Atoms and Molecules Worksheet Using the Periodic Table located inside your text book, answer the following questions. Analyzing Data: The information below is …
of atoms of each type present in a molecule of the compound, whereas the molecular formula represents the actual number of atoms of each type present in a real molecule of the compound.
• The molecular formula shows the number of atoms of each element present in a molecule. • The empirical formula gives the ratio of the atoms of different elements in a compound. It is the
The number and kinds of atoms in a molecule, and the way they are arranged, decide what substance it makes. For example, a molecule made of two oxygen atoms joined to one carbon atom forms carbon dioxide, a colourless gas. But a molecule made of two hydrogen atoms joined to one oxygen atom forms water, a liquid.

Atoms and Molecules Preparation Objectives This lesson will enable students to: Describe howatoms are the building blocks of matter Explainthe relationship between atoms, elements, molecules and compounds Build a model of anatom and a molecule Interpret element information from the Periodic Table Discussthe historical development of the study of matter, including contributions of notable
Molar Mass Worksheet Determine the mass in grams of Avogadro number of C 12 H 22 O 11 342.3 g/mol 9. Find mass in grams of 9.03 moles of H 2 S 308g 10. Determine grams in 1.204 mole of NH 3 20.50g Consider the molecule CuNH 4 Cl 3 as you answer 11 – 20. 11. Name the elements present. Copper, Nitrogen, Hydrogne, Chlorine 12. How many atoms form the molecule? Nine 13. How many …
This Counting Atoms in a Molecule Worksheet is suitable for 8th – 10th Grade. In this counting atoms in a molecule worksheet, students read about the molecule propanal that was discovered by the giant radio telescope in the Milky Way Galaxy. Students solve 6 problems where they find the number of atoms in the propanal molecule, they find the percent of given atoms in the molecule and they
B. Lewis structure (use rules for drawing Lewis structures) C. Build molecule (see pg 247), sketch, & give bond angles : D. Number of peripheral atoms

Atoms and Molecules Chemical Reactions Edgerton

What is a Molecule Molecules for Kids DK Find Out

Molecular Model Building Instruction Manual Molecular Model of Caffeine Based on a Chemistry 14C extra credit project, fall 2008 Models of organic molecules provide a physical representation of the three‐dimensional arrangement of atoms in space. Using a molecular model kit throughout your study of organic chemistry will enable you to better understand both the chemical and physical
Worksheet: Have students complete the Molecular Modeling Worksheet late in the activity or at activity end. Review their drawings and answers to gauge their comprehension of the material. Review their drawings and answers to gauge their comprehension of the material.
Place each LEGO molecule near its chemical formula. Check all the models for Check all the models for correctness (the numbers of atoms and the number of molecules)
Atoms molecules and ions quiz, atoms molecules and ions MCQs answers 5, learn 7th grade science online courses. Atoms molecules and ions multiple choice questions and answers pdf: size of a single atom is for 7th grade science problems online free.
Molecular. The molecular mass The sum of the average masses of the atoms in one molecule of a substance, each multiplied by its subscript. of a substance is the sum of the average masses of the atoms in one molecule of a substance.
represents the relative or smallest whole-number ratio of atoms in a cmpd. 2. The molecular formula represents the actual number of atoms of each element in a molecule of the compound. 3. The empirical formula and the molecular formula are mathematically related as follows:
be pretty certain that you have the same number of atoms of each. The number 6.022 137 1023 is called Avogadro’s number. For most purposes it is rounded off to 6.022 1023. Because this is an awkward number to write over and over again, chemists refer to it as a mole (abbreviated mol). 6.022 1023 objects is called a mole, just as you call 12 objects a dozen. Look again at how these quantities
Naming Compounds What’s it Made of? Metal and non-metal 2 non-metals 3 or more elements the number of atoms in a molecule. O 2 2 Oxygen atoms H O 2 2 Hydrogen atoms 1 Oxygen atoms No number means 1 atom SO 4 1 Sulfur atom 4 Oxygen atoms Oxygen has 6 valence electrons, so it wants 2 more to be full. Openings show where electrons can be gained or shared from other atoms. …
Balancing Chemical Reactions A coefficient is assumed to be one if there is not a number in front of the molecule or atom. 4.) In order to be balanced, there must be an equal number of each type of atom on both the reactant and product side of the reaction. 5.) It is generally required that the coefficients are whole numbers. Guidelines 1.) In reactions dealing solely with ions, one can
Scientists use these models to indicate the chemical bond between these atoms Normally, the carbon atom is joined with four other atoms achieving a more stable structure.

A molecule is two or more atoms bonded together, while compounds contain atoms of different types. A compound is two or more atoms bonded together, while molecules contain atoms of different types.
A water molecule is formed when two hydrogen atoms are bonded to a single oxygen atom. Because of the structures of the atoms involved, a bent molecule is formed.
c. Atoms participating in multiple bonds are considered to be bonded to the equivalent number of similar atoms by a single bond. B. Orient the molecule in space so that the lowest priority is directed away
For each molecule, you will be given its common name and the number and type of each atom in the molecule. Your job as a group is to put the atoms together in a way that will form a stable molecule. When you think you have constructed a stable molecule, predict what you think the formula of the molecule should be, and draw a sketch of the molecule. The formula should include the symbol of …
Try these ones… Count the number of atoms of each element in the following compounds: CuSO 4 Li 2CO 3. Al 2(SO 4) 3 4Na 2CO 3. Elements Present . Number of

Molecules: The Movement of Atoms activity — Molecular Modeling Worksheet Answers 1 1. Draw a molecule of ethane on your paper, and then use ChemDraw to draw it in your computer.
Atoms. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category – Atoms. Some of the worksheets displayed are An atom apart, Atomic structure work, Chemistry of matter, Counting atoms work, Atoms and molecules, 3 06 atomic structure wkst, Atoms elements and, Moles molecules and grams work and key.
Counting Atoms Worksheet Chemical formulas consist of element symbols and numbers that indicate how many atoms of each element are present. For example in the molecule C 3 H 8, there are 3 Carbon atoms and 8 Hydrogen atoms. In CO 2, there is 1 Carbon atom(we don’t write the 1 in the chemical formula) and 2 Oxygen atoms. For an example of when parenthesis are involved, please see Fig. 1 …
Molecules and Compounds questions for your custom printable tests and worksheets. In a hurry? Browse our pre-made printable worksheets library with a …
Some concepts you’ll be tested on include subscripts and number of atoms in a molecule. Quiz & Worksheet Goals This quiz and worksheet will test you on the following:

Counting Atoms Worksheet Mr. Moore’s Page

molecular properties we krow that all molccules are made of atoms which. in turn. contain nu- Tue, 04 Dec 2018 10:42:00 GMT Chapter 1 The basics of quantum mechanics – A covalent bond, also called a molecular bond, is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms.These electron pairs are known as shared pairs or bonding pairs, and the stable balance of attractive
The number of atoms in a molecule varies depending on the specific molecule formed. As a rule of thumb, a molecule must be composed of at least two atoms with no maximum amount of atoms as long as all the atoms in the molecule are bonded together somehow.
Clusters of atoms that act as an ion is called lopyatomic ion. Mass of 1 mole of a substance is called its formula mass. In a pure chemical compound, elements are always present in …
Use page 5 of student worksheet, laminated LEGO Atoms and Molecules Layout Mat (front) and LEGO Atom Key (back), and Chemical Reactants (front) and Chemical Products (back).
Science Stars: 5th grade Lesson Plan Lego Molecules Standards 1.b. Students know using the periodic table to determine the type and number of atoms are in an emerald molecule. (3 Beryllium, 2 Aluminum, 1 Silicon, and 6 oxygen for a total of 12 atoms.) 6. If needed, have students create another simple molecule such as carbon dioxide (CO 2) 7. Model how to complete the first box on the

“LEGO Atoms and Molecules Chemical Reactions”

This is a worksheet to test pupils ability to 1) distinguish between elements and compounds 2) appreciate chemical formulae show how many atoms of each element there are 3) understand how molecules contain bonds, which may be single our dobule (triple not included) 4) recognise molecules from their structure.
6.4.7 SNC 1D How to Count Atoms Worksheet 1. The symbol of an element represents one atom of that element. e.g., Na = 2. A subscript is a number written at …
atoms, 12 moles of hydrogen atoms, and six moles of oxygen atoms). Since an empirical formula indicates the ratios of the elements in the compound, it can be used, along with the molar mass of the compound, to determine the molecular formula.
chemistry: counting atoms in compounds worksheet #7.0.1 INSTRUCTIONS: Write the quantity of atoms of each element opposite the formula of the compound for the quantity of formula units and molecules shown:
Worksheet #13 Using Avogadro’s number and Molar Masses (2p.) 1 In these problems the compound (or chemical formula) becomes part of the unit:
Predict the number of atoms needed in a molecular formula. Distinguish between the general locations of metal atoms versus non-metal atoms on the periodic table.
The number of carbon atoms in a molecule is used in the suffix of carbohydrate naming. This sugar is pentose because This sugar is hexose it has 5 carbons. because it has 6 carbons. The carbonyl group is placed at the beginning of the saccharide. If the carbonyl group is an
In this atoms, mass and the mole worksheet, students are given 18 problems to solve for the number of atoms, the mass of the substance or the moles of the substance.
A chemical formula shows the number and kinds of atoms present in a representative particle of a substance. For a molecule it would be known as a molecular formula, and for an ionic compound it would be referred to as a formula unit.


Molecular Modeling Worksheet Answers TeachEngineering

CHEM1101 Worksheet 7: Intermolecular Forces Information between the δ+ H atoms in very polar bonds and lone pairs on very electronegative atoms. Hydrogen bonding therefore requires the presence of both δ+ H atoms and electronegative atoms. Dispersion forces. These forces are present in all molecules and atoms. At any moment in time, the electron density in a molecule or atom may not …
Super Teacher Worksheets – Name: _____ An Atom Apart Vocabulary Crossword Across 1. positively charged parts of an atom 6. negatively charged parts of an atom 7. atoms are the building blocks for… 8. the number of electrons in atoms determine an element’s ___ properties 9. neutrally charged parts of an atom 10. a chart which lists all of the known elements
The molecular formula is the number of atoms of each element in a single molecule of a substance. The empirical formula is the lowest whole number ratio of elements in a compound. In the example above, the molecular formula of hydrogen peroxide is H 2 O 2 , …
A number after the symbol shows the # of atoms of that element 3. The number is written as a subscript 4. If there’s no number after the element symbol, assume 1 atom example: H 2 O A water molecule is made of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom Ring of Truth Atoms Water Ratio – YouTube.wmv Print student worksheet from the list below Changes in Matter.pptx Selection File …
“In this Atomic Structure Worksheet, students are asked to recall all of the information found in an element square, sketch Bohr Diagrams of atoms, calculate the number of neutrons and valence electrons in an atom, and create Lewis/electron-dot diagrams.”

Counting Atoms in a Molecule Worksheet for 8th 10th

Rules For Counting Atoms… Mr. Hayward’s Science Page

the mass of a molecule of X. 8) If a 40.0 g sample of substance A is known to contain the same number of molecules as a 120.0 g sample of substance B, then the molar mass of A must
A chemical formula is an easy way to tell what atoms are present in a compound. Use the “Atom Key” to find the chemical symbol for each element. It is important to write your formula using the correct uppercase or lowercase letters.
The chemical shift tells us what other atoms are nearby. If the 1H is bonded, or near, to an electronegative atom like O, N or a halide, the electron density around the nucleus is …
How many times larger is the number of hydrogen atoms than oxygen atoms in glucose 2 How many times larger is the number of hydrogen atoms than oxygen atoms in fructose.
Gumdrop Molecule Lab Name Nitrogen (N), and Oxygen (O) Each element has a different number of bonding sites: Carbon = 4 Hydrogen = 1 Nitrogen = 3 Oxygen = 2 This allows them to bond and form many different combinations of atoms in a molecule. Organic molecules come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share
Molecule = atoms of elements he(d together by chemical bonds. Comoound = substance in which molecular elements combine with each other. Why does C02 need two toothpicks between each oxygen atom and the carbon atom?
recognize the subscripts as the number of atoms for an element. recognize the coefficients as the number of atoms for all elements in the compound. Total all atoms for an element. Examples: a) NaOH Na – 1 O – 1 3 total atoms. H – 1 . b)5ZnSO4 Zn – (5×1=5)
Total number of atoms in the molecule b. What happens to the size of the bond angle(s) in a molecule as the number of lone pairs on the central atom increases? 11. In simple terms 11. 7. Bonds on the center atom Pairs of electrons will (attract/repel) each other. Explain why these are the most critical electrons for determining molecular shape based on your exploration of Model 1. a. Circle

Chapter 5 Electrons In Atoms Worksheet Answers

Molecular formula This shows the number of atoms of each element present in a molecule. Molecular mass The molecular mass is the sum of the atomic masses of the elements in the formula of a covalent compound.
View, download and print Atoms Ions And Molecules Worksheet pdf template or form online. 207 Chemistry Worksheet Templates are collected for any of your needs.
• In Chapter 1 you learn what atoms are. how small they are (so small that it takes around 10 24 of them to fit inside a 1cm cube) and how they can come together to make molecules and other structures: they are the ‘building blocks’ of matter.
molecular formula shows the actual number of atoms in one molecule structural formula shows how the atoms are connected e.g., for “hydrogen peroxide” the three formulas are:

Atoms and Molecules Photosynthesis Name

Quiz & Worksheet Atoms and Molecules

Gumdrop Molecule Lab Mrs Feekes

Chapter 6 Standard Review Worksheet

Atoms & Molecule Worksheet

Hybrid seed production in castor pdf

Hybrid seed production in castor pdf
A tonne of castor seed generated about 53% of kernel for LSV compared to 49% kernel in SSV indicating a higher waste stream for SSV. The fibrous seed coat …
Castor seed oil (Ricinus communis) is a prominent feed stock towards the generation of renewable materials for industrial production. The reach presence of ricinoleic fatty acid at 87.5% provides pendant hydroxyl functional
Abstract: Effect of plant nutrient foliar application on sex expression and seed yield in GCH-7 castor (Ricinus communis L.) hybrid seed production was studied during 2012-13 and 2013-14 at Main Agricultural Research Station.
the lion’s share in production of castor seed worldwide. Production has increased sharply over a last decade from 4.28 lakh tonnes in 2002-03 to over 23.15 lakh tonnes in 2011-12.
A field experiment was conducted at Main Pearl millet Research Station, JAU, Jamnagar, in a required isolation with 3:1 row ratio of female (JP-65) and male (JI-96) parents of castor hybrid GCH-6 in three dates of sowing (1st fortnight of August, September and October) during kharif seasons of 2007 and 2008 to study the effect of chemicals on
1 Report on Orientation Training on Hybrid Seed Production in Castor ICAR – Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500030

Certified Production of Hybrid Canola and Rapeseed . 5 – 2. 5.2 . SEED REQUIREMENTS. 5.2.1 Breeder or Foundation status seed must be used to establish all stands of Hybrid Canola and Hybrid Rapeseed for pedigreeing. 5.2.2 The direction of the cross of a Hybrid Canola or Hybrid Rapeseed or composite variety must remain unchanged throughout the certification of the variety unless adequate …
Prerequisit es for hybrid seed pr oduction Good compatible, unif orm, productive and diver se parents. Proper site selection, a void the sites where preceding crop w as maize.
safflower sun flower, Castor mustard etc. Fibres like Cotton, Kenaf, Jute etc. Major breeding procedures for development of hybrids / varieties of various crops. Plant Genetic resources their conservation and utilization in crop improvement. Ideotype concept in crop improvement. Breeding for resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses; variability in pathogens and pests. Mechanisms of resistance
Study of Heterosis for Seed Yield and its Component Traits in Castor [Ricinus communis L.] K.G. Kugashiya1*, production and productivity of castor in India during 2014-15 were 11.05 lakh ha, 17.33 lakh tonnes and 1568 kg/ha, respectively (Anonymous, 2015). Nature and magnitude of heterosis is one of the important aspects for selection of the right parents for crosses and also help in
Hybrid seed production in cucumber hybrid Pusa Sanyog is produced by crossing Japanese gynoecious line (E.C. 5082) and Green Long . The planting is done in the channels at a distance of 2 to 2.5 m. seed are sown in the hills at a distance of 90-100 cm in such a way that three hills are made on one side of the channel and two in between these three hills but on the other side the channel. Seeds
of temperature regimes is a prerequisite for hybrid seed production. Taking the programme of hybrid castor to logical ends choice of suitable parents through careful and critical evaluation of current
ECONOMICS OF HYBRID SEED PRODUCTION: In general the production of hybrid castor is a good beneficial preposition. We obtained total of 540 kg of hybrid seeds (from female parent) and 300 kg of DCS-9 (male parent) seeds and were sent to DOR, Hyderabad. They did the final cleaning and sieving and obtained 434 kg of good quality hybrid seeds and 285 kg seed of DCS-9. An expenditure of Rs. …

Effect of plant nutrient foliar application on sex

Certification standard for Maize Seed EAC QUALITY

Castor Varieties:- The varieties (cultivars) of castor differ in the branching habits of plant, colour of the stem and branches, the nature of capsules , duration, the size of seed and oil content. Here are some of the high yielding castor varieties available in India; NPH-1, GAUCH-4, YRCH 1,TMV 5, TMV 6, CO 1 …
Experiences Castor Hybrid Seed Production India (Gujarat) world leader in castor production & Productivity Gujarat is Seed Hub for Castor Hybrid Seed Production – 1970 Hybrid Seed Quantity : 5500 to 6000 MT yearly Hybrids have impacted on productivity: 350 Kg in 1960 to 2000 Kg in 2013. S-type environmental sensitive female used Major factor for high rejection Seed Rejected in GPA: 42 …
Production and Characterization of Biodiesel from Ricinus Communis Seeds Okechukwu R.I., Iwuchukwu A.C. and Anuforo H.U. Department of Biological Sciences, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, NIGERIA
Castor Seed Report astor (Ricinus communis L.) is a non edible oilseed, belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. India is the leader in global castor production and dominates in international castor …
As castor is highly cross pollinated crop and cytoplasmic male sterility system is not yet reported, the possible impurities in hybrid seed are selfing of female parent and pollination of female
Agronomy Journal • Volume 104, Issue 4 • 2012 853 Review & Interpretation A Review on the Challenges for Increased Production of Castor

area under castor cultivation and hybrid seed production by GSSCL were collected from GSSCL, Gandhinagar. The estimated seed requirement (demand) was calculated @ 5 Kg/ha seed rate which is recommended seed rate for castor hybrid by S.D. Agricultural University and to find dealers margin of hybrid castor seed, popularly available brands in the market were enlisted and the questionnaire was
Land requirement Castor seed production can be successfully taken up on any type of soil provided they are fairly deep, fertile and well drained. In general, all castor genotypes more particularly the female lines cannot tolerate alkalinity/salinity hence avoid such problematic soils. Medium to deep sandy loams and heavy loams are ideally suited for seed production. 17
yield and seed yield followed by DCS-9 variety, GCH-4 hybrid, DCH-177 hybrid and 48-1 variety. However, local green and local pink castor varieties had inferior values for all these attributes. Keywords: Castor, eri silkworm, hybrids, Ricinus communis , varieties.
Demonstrate the production of Castor bean and Jatropha on mined bauxite soils to the farming community The castor bean plant (Ricinus communis) has been cultivated for centuries • Thought to be native to tropical Africa and India • Seeds contain 35 to 55% oil, depending on variety • The oil has been made famous all over the world for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
regarding recommended hybrid castor production technology. Cent per cent of the hybrid castor growers Cent per cent of the hybrid castor growers had good knowledge regarding castor cultivation practices viz., land preparation, interculturing, manual

Orientation Training on Hybrid Seed Production in Castor Hybrid Castor Seed is available for sale from 02.05.2018 List of candidates appeared for the T-1 Examination
Castor is a fast growing ever-green shrub that produces seeds with a high oil content (35-55%). Cold pressing yields 30-36% oil measured by weight. Warm pressing (>70°C) yields 38-48%.
SEED PRODUCTION IN VARIETIES AND HYBRIDS OF CASTOR . Castor and its speciality Castor is a cross pollinated crop, and wind pollinated. protogynous
Global Castor Seed Scenario 2014-15 and Supply Scenario Predictions Global Castor Oil Production for the Period of 2005 -2014 (in ‘000 T) Summary of Castor Oil Production, Imports and Exports from Prominent Countries/Regions -2013 14

China castor hybrid seed production status and Prospect

7/09/2016 · Castor oil, produced from castor beans, has long been considered to be of important commercial value primarily for the manufacturing of soaps, lubricants, and coatings, among others. Global castor oil production is concentrated primarily in a small geographic region of Gujarat in Western India. This
Effect of chemicals on sex expression, growth and yield quality of pistillate parent during castor hybrid (GCH 6) seed production Article in Research on Crops 11(3):749-752 · December 2010 with
hybrid seed production in castor by dlagoriya in Topics > Books – Fiction
Castor oil, Ricinuscommunis L., (castor bean, castor, castor oilplant, ricin, higuerilla,mamona, mamoeira, palmachristi) is amember of the tropical spurge family (Euphorbiaceae) andcan nowadays be found naturalized and cultivated in alltemperate countries of the world.
large scale hybrid seed production demands quality control in both parental and hybrid seed production stages. As castor is a highly cross pollinated crop, pollen of unknown parent may contaminate the female parent during hybrid seed production, leading to decline in genetic purity. Apart from this, selfing of female parent is another source of contamination since cytoplasmic genetic male
Abstract— Current study reveals the production of biodiesel from non-edible oil such as castor oil (Ricinus Communis L.). Oil was Oil was extracted from seed by mechanical press method.

Castor bean Production

practicability of indigenous castor seeds for production of biodiesel and partial replacement of petro diesel. The crude oil was extracted with the help of mechanical expeller and free fatty acids were reduced with acid esterification and biodiesel produced through transesterification process. The total quantity of extracted crude oil from castor seeds was 45.8%, press cake 40% and losses 14.2
The growing of hybrid castor seeds is slowing increasing due to good market prices for the seeds. It can protect burns and wounds from infection. It can protect burns and wounds from infection. The land to be used for seed production of this purpose must be free from volunteer plants.
hybrid seed production of castor ppt manufacturers and hybrid seed production of castor ppt suppliers Directory – Find hybrid seed production of castor ppt Manufacturers, Exporters and hybrid seed production of castor ppt suppliers on
area and 82 per cent of castor seed production of the country. The productivity is highest in Gujarat because more than 90 per cent cultivated areas are under castor hybrids grown under irrigated condition. The hybrids are well adopted by the farmers because of their high production potentiality over local varieties and the crop becoming very remunerative to the farmers. Gujarat is pioneer in
Castor oil is extracted from the seed of the castor oil plant, whose botanical name is ricinus communis. While it was Cayce who brought castor oil packs to fame in the 20th century, the oil has a long and varied history of use as a healing agent in folk medicine around the world. According to a research report in a recent issue of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, castor bean seeds
Foundation seed is the progeny of breeder seed and is required to be produced from breeder seed or from foundation seed which can be clearly traced to breeder seed. The responsibility for production of foundation seed has been entrusted to the NSC, SFCI, State Seeds Corporation, State Departments of Agriculture and private seed producers, who have the necessary infrastructure facilities


Adoption of Recommanded Hybrid Castor Production

The production & supply of seeds of pulses, soybean, castor, sesame, groundnut, vegetables, spices and flowers is far from satisfactory. The Thematic Group has suggested action programme to improve the seed production in the state covering various aspects such as monitoring of breeder seed, seed production of pulses, hybrid seed production, research & education in seed science & …
CASToR (Ricinus communis L.) HYBRIDS I. Application and Amplification of General Seed Certification Standards The General Seed Certification Standards are basic and, together with the following specific standards constitute the standards for certi-fication of hybrid castor seed. II. Land Requirements Land to be used for seed production of hybrid castor shall be free of volunteer plants. III
Mixing Jatropha and Castor can reduce production risks and during an upstart phase Castor can give full yields in the first year(s) whereas Jatropha yields will reach their maximum yield after five to eight years. The low value of the seed cake due to its toxicity reduces the overall profitability of Castor compared to non-toxic oil crops where the press cake can be sold as a high-protein
Castor seed Seasonal Report Castor (Ricinus communis L.) is a non edible oilseed, belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. India is the leader in global castor production and dominates in international castor …
Land to be used for seed production shall be free of volunteer plants. In addition the field should be well- drained and soil well aerated. Castor is an often cross- pollinated crop. Cross-pollination by wind varies from 5 to 36 percent according to the prevailing climatic conditions. For pure seed

Castor Seed Report C Ricinus communis L.)

(PDF) Genetic purity assessment of castor hybrids using

China castor hybrid seed production status and Prospect: Huang Jiaxiang. Castor is the world has a relatively long history of cultivation of oil crops, is native to Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe has introduced, because of its very developed root system, strong adaptability, fast growth, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, so grain is
Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci (2017) 6(11): 3694-3697 3696 Table.1 Growth and yield attributing characters of castor hybrid DCH 519 as influenced by plant density during 2015 and 2016 seasons
practices hybrid castor seed production can generate a net profit of about Rs 44,180 per acre as against Rs.8, 155/- in the normal bulk crop. Same was shown in the following table.
Production of Hybrid Castor Seed: For production of single cross hybrid seed, lines giving a 1:1 ratio of pistil late and heterozygous monoecious plants are used. In the crossing plot the latter are rogued out one to five days before flowering begins.
Hybrid Seed Production in Difference Crops: • Floral biology, seed production planning, land and isolating requirements, wild pollinators, special agronomic practices, maintenance of varietals purity, field
Certification standard for Maize Seed 1 Scope This Draft East African Standard prescribes the minimum requirements for the production of pre-basic, basic and certified seed of maize ( Zea mays L.). It includes requirements for eligible varieties, field standards, field inspections, seed sampling, laboratory standards, certificates, packaging and labelling, and post-control tests. 2 Normative


production of castor seeds in Gujarat during 2007-08 is 6,51,000 tones, it has increased by 32% as compared to previous year. (Anonymous.2007-08) Recent data of area and production of the district shows that, areas under castor cultivation have been increased however the yield is downfall year by year. Therefore, there is a wide gap between the average yield of farmer’s field and the
This profile envisages the establishment of a castor bean farm & a plant for the production of Castor Oil with a capacity of 270 tonnes per annum. The present demand for the proposed product is estimated at 1,000 tonnes per annum.
India is the world’s largest producer of castor seed and meets most of the global demand for castor oil, contributing over 60% of the entire global production. The shiny seeds of castor plants have very beautiful and intricate designs.
quality hybrid seed production by regulation of sex expression in castor (ricinus communis l.) Publisher: ACHARYA N.G. RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY, RAJENDRANAGAR, HYDERABAD
Seed yields reached unexpected high values, up to 4.44 Mg ha −1 thus revealing that castor might be a very attractive species for oil production in the Mediterranean basin. The presence of green racemes with immature seeds at harvest (mid-September to mid-October) should be reduced as much as possible either by selecting appropriate hybrid earliness for specific sites and by applying plant

Demonstrate the production of Castor bean and Jatropha on mined bauxite soils to the farming community Castor seed stored at 5 to 7. 0. C temperature for 6 months reduced the germination from 93 to 3%. • Introduction of foundation seed from Brazil in order to maintain seed viability and varietal integrity. Improvngi Lives Through Agrciultura lResearch . Land preparation • Plough or

Preparation of Biodiesel from Higher FFA Containing Castor Oil

Castor (Ricinus communis Arrakis

A Review on the Challenges for Increased Production of Castor

CASTOR (Ricinus communis SeedNet

Biodiesel Production from Castor Seeds by Reactive

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Importance of mangroves in the philippines pdf

Importance of mangroves in the philippines pdf
Mangroves are important in recycling nutrients and the nutrient mass balance of the estuarine ecosystem. They are one of the highest primary and associated secondary biologically productive ecosystems in the world. Mangroves provide one of the basic food chain resources for arboreal life and nearshore marine life through their leaves, wood, roots, and detrital materials. This primary
Awareness of the importance of mangroves in Southeast Asia was increased during the 1980s by the UNESCO supported COMAR programme that mobilised and enhanced national capacity to undertake scientific studies of the mangrove habitat. This programme significantly increased not only our scientific understanding of this important habitat but also increased both public and decision makers …
1 Philippines Vegetation description The country is a large archipelago of approximately 7 150 islands. The largest remaining mangrove areas are located to the …
The innate resilience of mangroves to cope with change is a requirement of their niche. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, we have largely ignored that attribute in devising mangrove management programs or in …
Abstract: This presentation will review the utilization of mangroves in Southeast Asia (especially Thailand and the Philippines), the importance of the mangrove forests to maintaining the biodiversity of intertidal zones of sheltered coastlines such as is found in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand, the species diversity of the mangrove forests, and the chemical constituents (salts, organic acids
in the Philippines: Revisiting Forest Management Strategies The effort toward restoring lost mangroves in the Philippines has been commendably immense, specifically during the past two decades. In light of such, it is important to evaluate outcomes and, where appropriate, apply the lessons learned to the current strategies in mangrove forest management. This article synthesizes …
The Coastal Protection Services of Mangroves in the Philippines: Preliminary Workshop, July 2016: Day 2. 1. Risk and Hazard Assessment – How do engineers approach coastal risk assessment (30 min) 2. Assessing Coastal Protection Value of coastal habitats –Methods and Models –Part 1 (45 min) 1. Methods for physical (engineering) assessments of natural coastal protection values 2. Methods for
The Philippines has very rich biodiversity in terms of number and percentage. It is regarded as one of 17 mega biodiversity countries due to its geographical isolation, diverse habitats and high

Importance of Mangroves – Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search
The Philippines has very rich biodiversity in terms of number and percentage. It is regarded as one of 17 mega biodiversity countries due to its geographical isolation, diverse habitats and high rates of endemism. It ranks fifth globally in terms of the number of plant species and maintains 5 % of
Importance of Estuarine Mangroves to Juvenile Banana Prawns Marcus Sheaves, Ross Johnston, Rod M. Connolly, Ronald Baker Marcus Sheaves & Ross Johnston & Ronald Baker: Estuary and Tidal Wetland Ecosystems Research Group, School of


(PDF) The importance of mangroves to people a call to action.

PDF Mangroves are a type of tropical forest, uniquely positioned at the dynamic interface of land and sea. They are found along coasts and estuaries throughout the tropics and subtropics and are
Due to the importance of the mangrove ecosystem and the issues that might endanger the life of mangroves, it is necessary to protect the mangrove forest by having a good management system. This paper contains the literature review that will help to give a better understanding about the importance of the mangrove forest ecosystem and also the background of mangrove forest management. There …
The importance of mangroves in our coastal environment Mangroves, known as the ‘kidneys of our coast’, are an important habitat because of the role they play in nutrient cycling within our coastal environment. Many of the animals that live in mangroves, such as crabs, feed on dead or decaying matter. The nutrients are then returned to a form that organisms higher in the food chain, such as

Ecological Values. The ecological values of mangroves in most tropical countries have been qualitatively well documented and recognised. However, there is …
This eco-park is managed by local community groups and helps raise awareness of the importance of mangroves, while providing valuable additional income for the local communities who manage the park. A second mangrove eco-park is under construction in Pedada, Ajuy, which is also on Panay island.
• In the Philippines, if the current mangroves (data from 2010) were lost, 24% more people would be flooded annually, i.e., an additional 613,000 more people many of whom live in poverty.
Mangroves are a good source of wood and timber, nipa shingles for housing materials, firewood and charcoal, and of poles for fish traps. Several mangrove species provide high-quality commercial timber, used for various building materials as well as for fuel. In fact, in the Philippines, mangrove wood has been widely used as fuel for bakeries due to their high heat and charcoal value.
The fish assemblage of a small, open access mangrove creek highly influenced by aquaculture farms, was studied for the first time in the Philippines as a baseline of such system as well as examining the degree of ecological disturbance among fish habitats, as basis for the necessity to rehabilitate mangrove resources aiming to balance human
POLICY BRIEF Securing the future of mangroveS Hanneke Van Lavieren, Mark Spalding, Daniel M. Alongi, mented and of critical importance to numerous communi-ties, but many large-scale fisheries,such as commercial offshore shrimp fisheries,are also highly dependent on mangroves as nursery or breeding grounds. • Mangroves provide rot resistant, high value timber and excellent …

Mangroves in the Philippines, and the rest of the world for that matter, play a vita role in maintaining productive coastal ecosystems and communities.
Mangroves are utilized in many parts of the world as a renewable resource In other parts of the world, people have utilized mangrove trees as a renewable resource. Harvested for durable, water-resistant wood, mangroves have been used in building houses, boats, pilings, and furniture.
to mangroves in the Philippines until 1981 when conversion of the remaining mangrove stands was prohibited by law. However, the decreasing yield from capture fisheries is putting pressure for the re-examination of this policy. To understand the importance of mangroves, insight is needed into the value of products and services provided is needed. This article compares the costs and benefits
The Importance of Mangroves: A Call to Action Publication Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) is a World Bank-led global partnership that aims to promote sustainable development by ensuring that natural resources are mainstreamed in development planning and national economic accounts.
What is the importance of Mangrove forests? Economic benefits of mangrove forests/ ecosystems Mangrove forests are being the economic suppliers to provide forestry products such as firewood, charcoal, timber, honey and etc.
Importance of Mangroves – Download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search
• The importance of mangroves in coastal defence and disaster risk reduction will depend both on the site characteristics and the local hazard context. Section 2. The role of mangroves …

Mangroves are PH’s best shield vs climate change RAPPLER

Importance of Mangrove.191180947 Uploaded by phisitlai The concept of climate change has gained immense importance in connection to the global environmental disasters all around the world.
Philippines – Panay’ to all those interested in conservation and sustainable use of mangroves. The idea for such a handbook was first broached by Dr. J .H. Primavera
importance of mangroves to Philippine coastal environment, including the scientific methods in the rehabilitation of denuded mangrove areas. In 1981, PP 2151 was issued declaring specific
Mangroves uses The next generation of mangroves exposed at low tide. The uses of mangroves falls into two categories, firstly the use of the mangrove ecosystem as a whole or its conversion to other uses, and secondly, the use of products from the mangrove ecosystem.
Mangrove plantations in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and India host several commercially important species of fishes and crustaceans. Despite restoration efforts, developers and others have removed over half of the world’s mangroves in recent times.
Threats to Mangroves in the Philippines. Blogs » Environment, illegal, Mangroves , deforestation Teaching people the value of mangroves, as well as sustainable farming practices can help to prevent these losses from occurring. Much of the destruction that occurs is due to illegal harvesting of mangroves or illicit creation of fish ponds. This illegal activity is frequently due to
The Philippines originally had around 450,000 hectares of mangrove forest, but it is unfortunate that despite their importance, the country has lost more than half of this area. The leading causes of this loss are the conversion into fishponds and excessive logging of mangrove trees for the production of charcoal, firewood, and timber.
species with highest importance value with mangrove structure showing no distinct characteristics on the two sites. Keywords: mangrove, vegetation analysis, community structure, Sarangani Provinc e, Philippines. INTRODUCTION According to Primavera and Esteban [1], Philippines is an archipelago having 7,100 islands and was bordered by 36,300 km of coastline along mangrove forests, sea …
Philippines within the geographic coordinates between 125°10’ longitude and 8°51’ latitude (Fig. 1). Fig. 1.Location of study site. Climate is relatively dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year (DENR, 1997). The soil type is hydrosol. The site is along the Macajalar Bay, whose coastal area is a mixture of residential and industrial zones dominated with factories
GEMS. A mangrove sanctuary in Bohol thrives under an ecotourism program. TAGAYTAY CITY, Philippines – Mangroves are the Philippines’ best hope for mitigating climate change.

The importance of mangroves to capture and culture fisheries

the Philippine Environment (FPE), held a field-based training on mangrove conservation, management and rehabilitation to guide and equip the communities from Eastern Samar with the basic technical know-
The importance of Mangroves ¾ Erosion is Primary Environmental Challenge In Thailand, Says New World Bank Report ¾ Impact of …
Transcending Disciplinary and Institutional Borders abundance of goods and services of critical importance to humans and other species, examples of which are offered in Table 1. In contrast to human made capital, these benefits are provided in perpetuity with no depreciation or main-tenance costs, continually renewed by solar energy. The interaction between human society and mangrove

Importance of Mangrove Ecosystem Request PDF

Mangroves for coastal defence The Nature Conservancy

Rico and 128 from the Philippines (Chong,1 990). in the Pichavaram mangroves alone nurture 30 species of prawns, 30 species of crabs, 20 species of mollusks. and 200 species offish were recorded (Kathiresan, 2000).
INTRODUCTION Mangrove research has increased exponentially in the last 50 years. The total number of publications on mangroves indexed by the Web of Science exceeded 8000 in …
Turning the tide on mangrove loss. D.A. Friess, S.Y. Lee, J.H. Primavera . Pages 673-675 Download PDF; The Importance of Mangroves. select article The protective service of mangrove ecosystems: A review of valuation methods. Research article Full text access The protective service of mangrove ecosystems: A review of valuation methods. Edward B. Barbier. Pages 676-681 Download PDF. …
IMPORTANCE OF MANGROVES 1) Mangrove trees are indigenous species and majorly contribute to the marine environment. • Mangrove trees is a halophyte and can grow where no
The reference point for mangroves is the extent of mangrove habitat in km 2 in 1980 so the current Status for each region is: the current extent of mangroves in km 2 ÷ the extent (km 2) of mangroves …


Threats to Mangroves in the Philippines Enhance A Village

1 Evaluating Benefits of Mangroves on Fish Pond Production and Protection in Ajuy, Panay Island, the Philippines Natalie Jaworska September 2010
The carrier function of mangroves, also called services or amenities, are geomorphic and hydrologic (coastal protection, erosion control and sediment trapping) and ecological (nu­ trient, supply/regeneration, storage and recycling of pollutants).
Mangroves may be further developed as sources of highly valued commercial products and fishery resources and also as sites for developing a burgeoning eco-tourism, if the mangroves …
island (Bicol Region, Luzon, Philippines, the remaining areal coverage of mangroves is about 1,671.3 ha [15,16] about 0.65% of the total areal extent in the country.
The aim of the thesis is to develop a plan for the restoration of mangrove vegetation along the coastal region of Guyana as a means of improving protection and a support to the sea defence system.
18/06/2014 · Mangroves (Bakawan) are intertidal shrubs and trees found in the tropics and subtropics. They grow at or above Mean Sea Level (MSL) which is tidally inundated not more than 30% of the time.

Mangrove Conservation Management and Rehabilitation Training

Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Importance of Mangroves-PDF

Importance of Mangroves Mangrove Estuary

Importance of Mangrove.191180947 Mangrove Ecology

The importance of mangrove forests The Manila Times Online

India visa copy of passport particulars pdf

India visa copy of passport particulars pdf
Depending on the type of e-Visa you are applying for there are different required documents that you have to provide. This is the full list of documents some of which you will be asked to provide: 1) Applicant’s recent colored photograph (dimentions 2in X 2in / 5.08cm X 5.08cm ) 2) Copy of Passport …
Citizenship Process and Government of India website to fill your online visa form. Do not go directly to the Government of India website. You will be directed at the right point for the CKGS website to the Government of Indian website to fill your online visa form. The CKGS website has been customized so that the website, documents, forms and letters requirements are as per the instructions of
It was very easy using an iPad to copy & crop the jpeg photo to suit the webpage requirements but then with the uploading of the PDF image of the passport page (This was the snag that occurred with the first application,) after uploading the PDF image using the iPad it was then impossible to fully scroll down inside the resulting ‘pop-up envelope’ to verify that the whole of the page image had
With effect from October 2007, ECR passport holders travelling abroad for purpose other than employment will be allowed to leave the country on production of valid passport, valid visa and return ticket at the immigration counters at international airport in India. For employment purpose, such passport holders require emigration clearance from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POEs

A scanned copy of the first and last page of your American passport (PDF format) Passport size photograph with white background in JPEG format. Apart from these documents, you may also need to keep details of your parent’s passport, your work-related information and passport details of …
India: Birth certificate, old Indian passport or school leaving certificate. All Others: Birth certificate or any government document from the country of origin that has parents name, date of birth and nationality.
TOURIST VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIA __ A copy of your flight/travel itinerary in each applicant’s name provided by the tour operator. __ A clear photocopy of Driver’s License as proof of residence for each person. __ A clear photocopy of the Alien Registration Card for Non-US citizens, permanent residents in the US. __ Payment: a check or money order payable to GenVisa in US …
-All nationalities, except New Zealand, will need to supply a copy of their Australian Visa and passport bio page. If it’s an If it’s an Electronic Australian Visa then a copy of confirmation from the Department of Immigration and Emigration will be
Particulars of passport or other travel documents:- (a) Number_____ (b) Place of Issue_____ (c) Date of Issue_____ (d) Date of Expiry_____ 10. Have you visited India previously, if so indicate places with dates_____ _____ 11. Whether permission to visit India or to extend stay in India has been refused previously, if so, when_____ 12.(a) Period for which visa is required_____ (Note: Extension
The documents required for e-Tourist Visa (eTV) are : Scanned First Page of Passport. Format – PDF ; Size : Minimum 10 KB ,Maximum 3 MB ; The digital photograph to be uploaded along with the Visa application should meet the following requirements:


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17/12/2015 · Re: India E-Tourist Visa App “Scanned First Page Passport” Dec 17, 2015, 4:32 AM They want the page with your photo, name, passport details, etc, not the front cover of the passport.
Copy of a previous Indian visa issued in Australia on or after 1/6/2010 and a copy of the passport biodata page in which that visa was issued in. Minors Children under 18 years of age must provide additional documents:
A copy of the vital page(s) containing the picture and signature page of both parents Signed passports. Non-US passport holder parents who are applying for their kids must also provides US Visa status. For College/University students: Letter from your institution on the institution’s letterhead explaining the exact address that you presently reside on campus in university housing/dormitories
The e-Visa is an electronic authorization from the government to enter India and is equivalent to a visa, but no stamp or label is placed in your passport. To be eligible the traveler must: Submit for the e-Visa no less than 4 days and no more than 120 days prior to entry into India

Hi all, I am in the process of completing the online tourist visa application, and I am unsure what to do about the field asking for additional valid passport / IC details. I have dual citizenship, but only 1 valid passport (PT), the other passport from my country of birth (US) expired.
Review this guide, make sure to have your passport, travel itinerary and hotel details (tourists) or business contact details (business). After clicking the link to the application, you will click the orange “Regular Visa Application” button:
INDIA – Visa Information OVERVIEW All foreign nationals entering India are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport with a valid visa …
India Visa Information for Foreign Nationals – DOCUMENTS REQUIRED. Passports and travel visas are the most important documents that a traveler must have before traveling to a foreign country.
name, spellings, passport number, type of visa and validity of visa is given correctly. Please Please note that though the Applicant may apply foracertain duration ofvisa, itisthe sole right ofthe
e- Tourist Visa Service is available for United Kingdom passport holders applying from the U.K e-Tourist visa must be obtained prior to travel, the eVisa approval document (authority to enter India) document is obtained electronically and emailed to you.
All applications are to be accompanied with a photocopy of the prescribed pages of the passport-first two pages, last page and the page containing valid visa and pages with any observation in passport. A copy of ID card / residence card also to be enclosed.
Entry visa/Conference visa/Volunteer Visa / Research visa/ Journalist visa 1. For Journalist visa. 3. please ensure that 1. For Pilots. Incase of Canadian Passport. if the applicant is …
11/08/2018 · Make sure your passport is not too old. Your passport should be valid for at least 180 days from the date you plan to enter India. If your passport expires within the next six months, you should renew it before applying for your visa.

An ‘EMPLOYMENT VISA’ is available for travelling to India for the purpose of working in India, for an organization registered in India. An Employment Visa is granted to an employee or paid intern of an Indian company and to persons traveling to India for volunteer work with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).
PERSONAL PARTICULARS FORM (In Duplicate) 1. Full name (Initials not allowed
current passport copy If DIVORCED , please submit a copy of the Divorce Certificate In case your spouse has DECEASED , please submit a copy of the Death Certificate.
India Visa Checklist for US Citizens . LINC New Delhi-2015 . 1. Passport 2. Passport-style photo (2×2) 3. FORMS: a) Visa application form (please follow the sample below) b) Undertaking form . c) Declaration and Undertaking form . d) Additional Particulars form . 4. Copy of USC student I.D. 5. Flight itinerary (provided by USC staff) 6. USC support letter (provided by the USC staff) 7. Arista
The Foreigners arriving in India are required to furnish true particulars in the Disembarkation Card (Arrival Card) as to his name and nationality, his age, sex, place of birth and address or intended address in India. Immigration check includes checking of Passport, Visa, Disembarkation Card, entering foreigner’s particulars in computer, retention of Arrival Card and stamping of Passport of
PASSPORT SERVICES Welcome to the passport services of the High Commission of India, Kampala. Applications for passport services are received at the High Commission from 0930 hrs to 1200 hrs on all working days. Application forms for all services and suggested formats for affidavits etc. can be downloaded free of cost from this website or obtained from the High Commission. Passport …
Please click on the link at the bottom of this section to complete, and create your India visa application online. After you fill out the form online, your application form will appear completed on your screen (PDF file), and please print it out!
Copy of Name Change Document: If the applicant’s name shown in the Indian passport or Indian government issued document is different in any way from the name in the US or foreign passport, a copy of one of the following documents must be provided.
Who Can Apply? OCI Card holders travelling to India are required to carry their Passport containing the U Visa sticker as well as the OCI Card, in order to avoid problems at Immigration check points in India.

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Indian “U” Visa Sticker affixed on it along with new passport are allowed entry into India. Even if the OCI card holder acquires nationality of a different country, except that of Pakistan and Bangladesh, he/she is also allowed entry into India provided he/she is carrying
Transit Visa : To produce confirmed air ticket; Business Visa : To adduce proof of business in India; Student Visa : To adduce proof of admission in a recognized institution in India; Employment Visa : To adduce proof of employment in India; Other Visa : Consult the Counter at visa centre.
VISA REQUIRED, PASSPORT REQUIRED. OVERVIEW For US citizens a valid passport and valid Indian visa to enter and exit India for any purpose. Visitors, including those on official U.S. government business, must apply for visas at an Indian Embassy or Consulate abroad before entering the country.
If you look on the ETourist Visa Guide there is a link to do just that. https:/…Etourist.Visa.A.Guide.html. I think it may be best if you had a quick read through the Guide which also assists with the application form and gives particular advice with regards to the uploading of passport page and photo.
Particulars given in the application form will be printed in the passport booklet. Therefore, you must be careful in filling up the Therefore, you must be careful in filling up the Application Form and submit the form without mistakes.
Visa Type Documents Required Tourist Visa (T) 1. Visa Application Form (No column to be left unfilled). 2. Provisional flight details. 3. Confirmation of hotel reservation in India / or letter of invitation
IC issuance is subject to clearance by Ministry of External Affairs (Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) Division). In addition, clearance by State Government (Department of Home Affairs / Police) / FRRO is also required for grant of No Objection to Return to India (NORI) to be stamped on the Identity Certificate.
The applicant is a person OF INDIAN ORIGIN, Applicant is a spouse or dependent family member of a FOREIGN NATIONAL coming to India on long term visa such as Employment, Research or Student. In such cases, the visa duration granted is co-terminus with the period of the principal visa holder. The principal visa holder’s visa must be issued before the spouse and dependent family members can
After the India visa is issued, the passport will be shipped by the visa center directly to the same home address listed on the visa application form as proof of their residency. The visa center will create the return air bill and email the tracking number to the traveler for overnight delivery.
ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS FORM FOR VISA SERVICES 1. Name of Applicant : 2. Passport Number and Nationality : 3. Please specify whether holding dual nationality.

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Document Specifications Passport Upload- Photo page of Passport containing personal details like name,date of birth, nationality , expiry date etc. to be uploaded by the applicant. Photo page of Passport uploaded should be of the same passport whose details are provided in Passport Details section.
Passport should have at least six months validity from the date of arrival in India. The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer. The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer.
As per the instruction from Consulate General of India Dubai, If applicant wishes to change the address as per their parents (father/mother) passport Copy who are residing in India we can accept applications with the below mentioned documents.
Prepare before applying ! It took over 3 & 1/2 hours to complete the appliction. Uploading photo and copy of passport in pdf format – which had to be under 300kb – was time consuming.
Indian e-tourist visa uploading PDF copy of passport – prepare before applying. It took over 3 & 1/2 hours to complete the appliction. Uploading photo and copy of passport in pdf format – which had to be under 300kb – was time consuming.
No Requirement to Transfer OCI Visa to New Passport The requirement to carry your old passport showing the OCI ‘U’ visa has been discontinued by the government of India. As of January 29, 2015. The previous requirement to carry the old passport with U visa stamp along with new passport and the OCI booklet has be changed.
OR SUBMITTED TO ANY VISA CENTER OR VISA POST. 50mm x 50mm (2″x2″) Passport photo here. Specimen Signature Visa Application Form A. Personal Particulars (As in Passport) Surname Name Previous/other Name if any Sex Marital Status Date of birth Religion
Two (1) photos of size 35mm x 35 mm for the Passport Particulars forms If the signature is different, please address a letter to the Consulate General of India, with an explanation on the same. Minor Applicant (Below 18 Years): (Refer to additional documents for minors on the next page of this checklist) o If a minor cannot sign, using only blue or black ink, apply left thumb impressions

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However, you chose to use one of the visa agents, then all you will need to do is send an iPhone pic of your passport and photo to them and they can edit it to suit India visa requirements. Here is an image explaining the requirements by one of India visa processing agents .

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